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Great Shots

Sporting Clays offers the most unique shooting opportunities of all the shotgun disciplines. If you will send us your great shot, and we like it, and we use it on our web site, we will send you a free Retriever Sporting Clays T-Shirt for your idea.

#1. Boltin' Bull Frogs! - Using a rabbit machine near the waters edge, throw a rabbit target on edge across the top of the water. It will actually run on top of the water until it looses seed.

Another great shot from an anonymous shooter!

#2. "Coot Soup" - Set up a Lincoln Falcon with a double arm next to the waters edge, flatten the trap out as much as possible. Place a pair of battue targets up-side-down, and watch the birds skim across the top of the water like ducks taking off.

Chris Ryan, Retriever Sporting Clays, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas

#3. Using a Lincoln Flying Rabbit, throw a battue target like a chondel, you'll love the results. But don't throw this at a registered shoot, unless you want to here some complaints!

David Smith, Alpine Range and Supply, Fort Worth, Texas

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