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Manual Traps

Lincoln SC-90
Lincoln SC-90¾ cock, designed for commercial use, ultra quiet release, fully adjustable for unlimited target presentations. Singles or doubles. Heavy duty one way bearing assembly. Consistent targets time after time. Three spring tensions available.
Lincoln Stands
- Optional seated stand, sturdy steel construction, detachable legs for portability. (fits all Lincoln models)
FF-94 - Fur and feather kit (shown mounted on SC90/95ST seated stand) allows 2 traps to be mounted to one stand
Lincoln Adapters
WB99K - Wobble Base Kit - Multi position adapter (includes WB99 and the UA94)  Adapts any trap model to throw looping, teal or rabbit presentations (see below)
(shown mounted on SC90/95ST seated trap stand)
Rabbit Position
Looping Position
Teal Position
Trap Cover
Rabbit Position - Allows Lincoln 3/4 cock traps to throw rabbit presentations simply by using a wrench to shift the trap position. Looping Position - Mounted at this angle all Lincoln bird trap models will throw looping target presentations. Teal Position - By turning both the trap and the wobble base, all Lincoln bird trap models will throw targets in the teal (vertical) presentation. Trap Cover - Weather-resistant cover (fits all Lincoln Trap models)  Heavy duty construction for durability


TA-92 Optional teal adapter elevates machine 16" and angles 45° for safer firing position of simulated teal targets. (shown mounted on SC90/95ST seated trap stand)
Trailer Hitch Mount
Trailer hitch mount - fits easily into 2" hitch receiver (available in either swivel or fixed models)
RA-92 Rabbit adapter holds all Lincoln model rabbit machines vertically to throw rabbit presentations. (shown mounted on SC90/95ST)
UA-94 UA-94
UA-94 (available in 3" or 3.5") Mounts all models to post or steel frame
Lincoln Accessories

Variety Arms

Rabbit Arm - mounts to SC90E and Falcon for rabbit presentations only


Red - Heavy Blue - Medium Yellow - Light


Throwing Distances
With a single standard size target
Yellow Blue Black Red
Up to 60 Yards
Up to 85 Yards
Up to 85 Yards
Up to 100 Yards
Double presentations will reduce throwing distances by 20%


TCP-110 Set of 2 clips, holds 110mm target in place for teal or elevated presentations. TCP-90 Set of 2 clips, holds 90mm target in place for teal or elevated presentations. TCP-60 Set of 2 Clips, holds 60mm target in place for teal or elevated presentations. TF-200A Teal finger, mounts to mainframe. Spring loaded finger pivots out of the way. Allows report or following pairs to be done with ease. Holds singles or doubles.


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